Archivo is an inmersive theater installation that transforms the public into actors of a choral play. An emotional experience that immerses the participant in the unexpected effects our actions have, onto others, on the planet and on ourselves.


Common sense tells us that in order to solve a complex problem, the first step is to divide it into simpler parts. Theoretically, these simpler problems will be easier to solve and gradually we will reach a definitive solution.

That’s a useful tool to avoid being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the challenges we face. But we cannot divide reality into small boxes, watertight compartments that are not affected by others. Drawers that, if they scare us when we open them, we can close and forget about them until later.

Archive is a poetic experience in which the participant experiences the conflict between this reductionist drive and a global view that recognizes us as interdependent beings.

The limits of the planet, technological solutionism, game theory, bachata and romantic love ... are parts of a sound and visual collage that blurs the line between leading roles and public.


In the center of the room, there is a large block of file drawers.

It seems to float in the dark, like a hologram ... almost science-fiction like.

Around this block, 4 uniformed people with headphones open and close drawers, scrutinizing their interior, which we cannot distinguish. Meanwhile, four other people circle around it.

For us they are archivists or office workers absorbed in a meaningless dance with a block of drawers.

Each archivist, focused on his task, hears through the headphones a voice that accompanies the contents of the drawers. Opening a drawer, the archivist could find a planet spinning in space, closing it, another drawer will open in which may be, perhaps, a miniature room.

Immersed in the narrative, discovers entire cities or small banal objects and progressively becames aware that his actions are not isolated or autonomous.

The drawers opened, are closed on the opposite side of the block, and vice-versa. The history he is living conditions his companions’ experience, and the other way around.

Ficha Artística

Serrucho: Ana Cortés, Raúl Alaejos y PaadínWritten, directed and build: SerruchoA co-producción of Serrucho and Fundación COTECModel: Llorenç PérezTic-Tac-Toe: Guillén Bayo, Abelardo Gil-FournierThanks to: Luis Alaejos, Catalina Álvarez Zarate, Nikita Bashmakov, Rafael Carvajal, Norka Cosamalón, Ricardo Cortés, Gavina Ligas, Iván Pérez, Peet Kelly, Carmen Segovia, Taller 57.